You probably found this website from a search engine? So you can see that my website works on search engines. Let us build a mobile-friendly website for you!  
I have spent lots of money on advertising in what used to be the Yellow Pages, then when the internet came along, I spent even more money paying a website design company to create something for me and I paid even more money for them to get my website on the 1st page of Google. I now spend £0.00p on advertising, no ad-words, no SEO companies. I just have a website that works :-) Here is what I can do for you.

  1. Build a unique website for your market. Your website will adjust to any viewing platform! Did you know that over 60% of people now search the web on either a mobile or tablet? The websites I design Automatically adjust to the screen size. Just look at this site on a PC, Tablet, or mobile and you will see the different layouts.   
  2. We provide you with instruction videos so you can look after your website yourself. These videos show you how to add more pages, add images and more importantly how you can get your website found by search engines.

You can check how well Google thinks your website is working by testing it on Googles website checker. Click HERE for the link. Below you can see how well our web designs work for Google. Different functionalities affect the overall performance of your website.

Once your website is live, we will continue to help you as you grow your website. You need to think of your site as a living thing, it needs to evolve. If your website never changes, then it will drop down the search engine rankings and will bring you no business.